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What is brand management?


Brand management is the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results.


How much should I plan to spend on brand management services?


This depends on the magnitude of work required.  We can be as simple as periodic advisors you keep on retainer or your entire marketing engine.  The best way to know for sure is to contact us to schedule a consult.


Can I get services without a contract?


Another easy one.  Yes.


Which methods of payments can I use?


Any legal U.S. currency works.  We prefer plastic though.  It's just easier.


How do I know I need brand management services?


Key indicators: (1) you have seen success and you want to maintain it or maximize your gains, (2) you have hit a brick wall in revenue and are looking for an uptick, (3) you want to learn how to get closer to your audience, (4) you are looking to change your current market position, (5) you just want more.


What services does SLMG provide?


That's easy.  We are a one stop shop for everything brand, so...we offer: publicist services, marketing strategy, creative media, creative direction, event coordination and staffing, media production guidance, product launch support, market research, etc., etc., etc.  


Is SLMG registered with the Better Business Bureau?


Uhm, did you know businesses can pay for high ratings with the BBB?   It's a fact.  We would much rather earn your trust with results than pay for it.



Can SLMG manage my modeling or entertainment career?


That's not exactly what we do here.  We can help you maximize your potential for booking or help you with your media presence...but, we are not a talent agency.  We can refer you to one that we feel is best...for a nominal fee, of course ;-)  

How quickly can service start?


Once we determine your needs and agree on the best service package, we can start the very next day (in most cases).  Honest.


Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Just use the box labeled "Message Us" down there.     

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