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Service Inquiry Note: It is imperative that our clients understand the value of our proprietary approach to the brand management services we provide. We are highly selective in who we work with and the projects we accept are generally based on referrals. Additionally, our clients rely on our respect of their intellectural property and privacy.  .

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Sam Goode. Managing Partner / Chairman of SLMG-Group. 

Lisha Navarro. Executive Director of Event Management (ELITE). 

Denita Britton. Executive Director of Admin Support & Logistics.


Creative Director. Yonni Crutcher. 

Consultants. Taleta Poston, Skyy Sandifer. 

Contributors. Sandra Ferrari, "Jim", Sonia Restivo. Creative Collective (CC).

Designers. Seth Brezovsky, Filiz Turan. Editors. Michelle Hess, Tori Sheetz, Luke Thompson. 

Photographers. Herb Bias, Tyler Jackson, Rashad Mosley.