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Our mission is to push products and services beyond the tipping point of extraordinary.  We strategize.  We create.  We implement.  We represent the interests of our clients and construct maps designed to take their products from concept to the market and beyond.  

Our branding stores are interactive centers that allow clients to pilot their own brands with our team serving as advisers along the way.  We believe this is the only way your product, your service, or your talent truly personifies your vision. 

SLMG is your team.  Our primary objective is to balance your vision with strategy, contemporary design and sound research to create a strong presence in the marketplace. 


Translation: a stronger market position=stronger profits...BANK.

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SLMG Strategy & Logistics Complex

815 Superior Avenue

Sixth Floor

Cleveland, OH 44114

SLMG Creative Solutions Complex

35 E Gay Street

Second Floor

Columbus, OH 43215 


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